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Movement and fun!

Video Booths

Our video booths are engaging and fun, providing a unique way to make your event memorable. They capture lively moments in motion and can be tailored to complement the theme of your event, ensuring your guests are thoroughly impressed.

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A unique take on the event booth.

As 360 booths gain popularity, Tensquared is eager to expand this concept into new spaces. In response to the demand for more engaging content, we concentrate on crafting shareable moments for Instagram reels and TikTok.

Our booths are versatile, offering both landscape and portrait configurations, with carefully arranged lighting to match your scene and theme. Options like slow-motion, green screen, and various other effects are available to enhance your videos.

We place great importance on branding, ensuring that the graphics and overlays align perfectly with your vision.

  • Slider Booth
  • Mega Slider Booth
  • Green Screen / AI
  • Glambot (coming soon)
  • 360 Booth (coming soon)
  • Sharing Station
  • Post Event Gallery
  • Instant Sharing via Social Media
  • Airdrop Sharing
  • Overlay Design
  • Slow-Motion
  • Video FX


Do you build the backdrops?

Typically, we do not. We collaborate extensively with event planners and designers to craft our intricate video experiences. However, for basic backdrops or green screen booths, we do provide a backdrop.

Difference between Slider and Mega Slider?

The more popular Slider Booth boasts a compact design with a 3-foot range for camera movement.

In contrast, the Mega Slider offers an extensive 16-foot travel capability, designed for larger setups where extended camera movements are advantageous. Refer to the earlier examples of two movie sets and the Scream Set for more details.

Does the Green Screen clash with event Design?

Indeed, it is possible. However, having a large green screen at your event might not be practical, which is why we provide AI background removal. This technology enables us to achieve a green screen effect using any solid color backdrop.

Can your Video Booth take photos?

Indeed, our video booths offer the additional service of taking photos and producing prints for an extra charge.

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